Industry Associations

The Japan UAV Association (JUAV)

The Japan UAV Association (JUAV)  represents the industries that develop, manufacture and operate unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in Japan. (in English)


The JUAV’s Safety Standards for Commercial-Use, Unmanned, Rotary-Wing Aircraft in Uninhabited Areas (2005, in English)


Japan Agricultural Aviation Association (JAAA).

Unmanned helicopters used for pesticide spraying in Japan are governed by the “Guidelines for the Operation of Industrial-use Unmanned Helicopters” and other documents provided by the Japan Agricultural Aviation Association (JAAA).  (in Japanese)


PDF on Applications, Safety and Certifications for UAVs in Japan (by Yamaha, in English)


Japan Aeronautical Association (in Japanese)


Japan UAS Industrial Development Association (JUIDA)  (in Japanese)


Japan Schedule Coodination (JSC)

Japan Schedule Coordination (JSC) is an independent non-profit organization under the Japan Aeronautic Association (JAA) which is a national foundation established for the purpose of promoting the development of aeronautics and astronautics in Japan. (in English)



The law and news on drones and UAVs in Japan